Hal Thomas

Hi, my name is Hal…

Don’t be alarmed; it’s only hair.

I’ve been in marketing for more than 15 years, and during that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great brands. (And a few not-so-great ones, but let’s not dwell on those.)

I’ve directed music videos and live-tweeted Lollapalooza. I interviewed an SEC coaching legend and I crafted social media strategy for a firearms company in the wake of Sandy Hook (talk about a tough gig). I even produced a video series about BBQ for a state tourism agency.

And once upon a time, I was the first person to use Twitter to land a job in advertising. (Seriously, Google doesn’t lie.)

Nowadays, I don’t really consider myself an expert because I’ve worked with better writers, photographers, art directors, marketers, and communicators. But, I am better at each of those things than most people, and that’s my biggest strength. In short, I see the field really well because I’ve paced off so many of the yard markers myself.

If that sounds like someone you need on your team, then maybe we should talk.

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