new campaign from Mercedes Benz (created by Razorfish) allows Instagrammers to build their own Mercedes on Instagram.

It’s definitely creative; I’ll give it that much.

What I don’t understand is how Mercedes Benz and Razorfish expect Instagrammers to find their way into this “visual story” (their words, not mine). At no point in the Instagram execution do they use hashtags, and the likelihood is low that people will serendipitously stumble upon an awkward username like @GLA_BUILD_YOUR_OWN.

Unless there is a heavy Instagram ad buy to drive discovery, I question how many consumers will find — let alone complete — the experience. But at least Mercedez Benz can always rely on ad publications to write about the campaign and advertising professionals to celebrate it, which is not the worst idea if your main goal is to sell cars to ad people.