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Earlier this month, Facebook launched its App Center BETA, an effort designed to make it easier for users to find and install social apps. On the heels of that announcement, Napkin Labs has released four apps for Facebook Pages. The apps, designed to facilitate co-creation between brands and their fans, are described by Napkin Labs as follows:

Superfans (see video above) helps you “[f]ind your best fans… See who participates the most with your page, from Up-and-Comers and Fans of the Month to your All-time Best fans. Find and reward the fans who spread the word about your brand and love you most.”

Photoboard let’s you “[c]onnect with your fans—and attract new ones with great pictures. Ask fans to create something fun and visual about your brand. Get a glimpse into how fans interact with your products. Or collect design inspiration for your next ad campaign. It’s fun, simple, and built for sharing on Facebook.”

Brainstorm is “[t]he easiest way to collect ideas collaboratively with your community. Ask a question and let your fans share, like, and build on each other’s ideas. Brainstorm lets your community get creative, attracts new fans, and lets you reward your best fans—a win-win for everyone.”

And finally, Pipeline “is an open forum with your fans. Let fans share their suggestions about your products, brand, ads, site, and more. Select your favorites and share updates as ideas are implemented and come to life. Give your fans a place to voice their opinions and stay connected as new initiatives move through your company.”

The apps plug into your existing Facebook Page and will cost between $20–$500 per month based on the number of Likes on your page. Plus, there is an analytics dashboard to provide you with the data from all the new interactions you’ll be generating. Take the apps for a spin for 30 days at no cost.

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