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Is your brand on Pinterest? If so, what kind of metrics are you using and how are you tabulating them? (You are tracking against some sort of success metric, right?)

If these questions leave you with a look more awkward than Phil Mickelson’s smile as he approaches the 18th green, then fear not; there is hope. Enter Curalate. As stated in the video above,

Curalate uses some pretty cool technologies to automagically find, match, and remember images that are about your brand. We take the impossible and make it possible, discovering, tracking and measuring the sharing of your brand’s content on visual platforms like Pinterest.

Curalate is packed full of stats and graphs, and appears to be thorough to say the least. My only caution on this one is to make sure you don’t get lost in the data. As with most things online, it’s possible to track a minutia of data points, but not all data points truly matter. Make sure you don’t get lost tabulating results that aren’t actionable or insightful.

Thanks, Ben!

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